Cookie Politic

Cookie Policy On our website, cookies are used to provide the user with better services. Continued navigation on our website means your consent to use cookies on the terms set forth in this Cookie Policy. This Policy can be updated, so we recommend that you re-read it regularly.

What are cookies and what are they for?

Cookies are small files that are placed on a computer or other device while the user navigates the web pages / applications to log your preferences and reminders of them when you visit our site again. The purpose of using cookies is to make it easier for users to use and navigate the network.

How do we use cookies?

Viewing this site assumes the possible placement of the following types of cookies: Required cookies

They are mandatory for the functioning of the website. Without them, the website can not function properly. Therefore, we do not ask for your permission to use them. Functional cookies Required to improve the functionality of the website. These are, for example, cookies that store the content of the website you viewed earlier, or the email address and password you entered during registration at the previous visit.

Own or third-party analytical cookies

__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz These cookies provide us with statistical information about the activities of users on our portal. These cookies do not provide an opportunity to identify the user, since the information collected is anonymous and is used only to improve web pages and site navigation, usage statistics, speed of processing searches, measure activity on the website, etc. This web- The site uses the free analytical web tool Google Analytics. More detailed information can be found here. How to prevent the placement of cookies? You can allow or block the placement of cookies, and also delete them from your device using the settings of your Internet browser. If you block cookies, some services will be unavailable.